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The German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD) provides the topical cancer statistics for Germany. In an interactive database query you will get information on incidence and mortality rates as well as for prevalence and survival rates for different types of cancer.

Due to technical reasons, the database will be not be updated until May 2024.

Data set

Using the data of the epidemiological cancer registries in Germany as a basis, the Centre for Cancer Registry Data estimates the number of all newly diagnosed cancer cases each year in Germany. The completeness of the capture in the individual federal states is, however, very heterogeneous. As there are still some relevant differences in registration completeness, estimation by the ZfKD is still necessary. Incidences with small numbers of cases might fluctuate due to the projection method.

Further information about calculation methods

The Federal Statistical Office Germany has provided the data on cancer mortality.

Which tables can I choose?

You can select one of the four statistic classes:

The incidence is the number of newly diagnosed cases in a specific population during a specific time period.

The mortality is the number of deaths in a specific population during a specific time period.

In cancer statistics, it is common to report a limited-duration prevalence. This indicates the number of persons alive on a certain date who had been newly diagnosed with cancer within a specified previous period of time.

The survival rate describes the proportion of people with a certain cancer who are alive at the end of a given time interval after diagnosis.

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