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Cancer in Germany 2017/ 2018

"Cancer in Germany" is published every two years jointly by the Association of Population-based Cancer Registries in Germany (GEKID) and the German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD) at the Robert Koch Institute. The results of the present 13th edition are based on data from population-based cancer registration through diagnosis year 2018.

Newly included are short chapters for cancers of the small intestine and anus and for non-melanoma skin cancer. The report presents the most important epidemiological measures and current trends for 30 different types of cancer. It includes information on the incidence of the disease and mortality, regional and international comparisons, as well as the distribution of tumour stages and survival analyses.

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Cancer in Germany 2017/ 2018 (PDF, 13 MB, File does meet accessibility standards.)

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Cancer in children

SARS-CoV-2 infection in Germany in 2020 – Implications for cancer care

Date: 03.06.2022

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